The CinePunked Podcast launches!

During 2017 the CinePunked team took a brief sabbatical from live events as a group, but we kept ourselves busy behind the scenes with plans for this year.

Just before Christmas we took ourselves along with our portable studio, and recorded the first episodes in the new CinePunked podcast in the inspiring surroundings of Holywood, County Down.

CinePunked podcast in the edit suite

If you’ve seen any of our live events you should have an idea what to expect – enthusiastic and articulate discussion of cinema in an interactive environment. We’ve been recording all our live panels, and a number of them will be released in the run of the podcast over the coming months. But we’re also regularly gathering for our studio-based chat too.

Logistics of the recording means we’ve made some changes from our usual live line-up, though the essence remains the same. Robert and Rachael continue to be at the heart of the CinePunked discussions – dear friends with diverging taste in film. They’ll continue to be joined by experts and friends throughout the series. We must extend huge thanks to Conor, who’s been on hand for many of the live events – while he’s not been able to make the initial recordings, we do hope to have him in studio in the near future. Meanwhile Ben, who has been on hand throughout the live shows as CinePunked’s own tech support, has been promoted from extra to speaking part. In the absence of a live audience, and as the only member of the group without a formal film education, he serves as the voice of the public. With any luck he’ll stop us disappearing up our own arses, and ask all the pertinent questions you listeners like to throw our way at events.

Your feedback is vital, and we’d love to hear from you via Facebook or Twitter regarding your thoughts on the show, and what you’d like to hear from us going forward. We’re still making some tweaks to the format, but expect the usual in-depth discussions.

There’s a link in the menu above for the podcast, including details of individual episodes and links for streaming and download. We’re currently housed on Soundcloud, though this might change, and you can find us in the iTunes store – do subscribe. If we make changes, I’ll update our info pages and refresh the iTunes links too.

We’re terribly excited about this phase of CinePunked – and hopefully you are too.

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