CinePunked at the Belfast Film Festival 2018

CinePunked are returning to the Belfast Film Festival this April with a special interactive live panel discussion in response to the MeToo and TimesUp movements.

The panel will be recorded for later release, we hope you can join us for what promises to be a lively conversation.

Art vs Artist

Viewing certain films has become more problematic than ever before.

Claims of sexual abuse and impropriety dominate the headlines leading to the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns. Once beloved personalities are now box office poison. From Arbuckle to Spacey, Allen to Polanski, scandal clouds the filmmaking industry.

CinePunked’s resident hosts Robert JE Simpson and Dr Rachael Kelly (plus special guests) lead an interactive panel discussion navigating the ethics of film-watching in a post-Weinstein era. Can we separate art from artist? How is the cinema gaze being redirected? Is it ok to watch a film when the makers have been convicted of criminal activity? Where does the line sit between suffering for craft, and abuse?

Expect heated debate and audience interaction.

Sat 14 April 2018

4pm at Beanbag Cinema, 5 Exchange Place, Belfast, BT1 2NA.

Tickets £3 from here.

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