Podcast: You Can’t Kill the Bogeyman

You’ve been wonderfully patient, but we’re back with a new run of the CinePunked podcast. Over the next few weeks on the podcast there’s quite a bit of horror related content – it is the season after all. We’re also doing a number of live events so keep your eyes out for those (not literally… Obviously. That would hurt).

This week we celebrate the 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s cult horror classic Halloween – a franchise that shows no sign of dying (to the point of releasing a new sequel that disregards all the other sequels and confusingly carries the same name as the original film). Ben had never seen Halloween before, so we get to witness a first time post-viewing appraisal. Rachael and Robert debate its worth and importance and the problem with the final girl motif.

We hope you enjoy, and please share your thoughts, and if you enjoy the show, leave us a review!

Listen to the episode here.

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