CinePunked at CS Lewis Festival, November 2018

CinePunked are delighted to be contributing to this year’s CS Lewis Festival in East Belfast, with both Rachael and Robert making solo appearances alongside one of their trademark interactive panels. This year’s festival is themed around Lewis’ book Of This And Other Worlds, and our own Rachael featured prominently in publicity imagery for the fest wearing her sci-fi author hat. We’re also hosting a panel with Neil Sedgewick from Films and Faith that looks set to be an interesting evening.

Here’s the CinePunked team contributions…

CinePunked presents Metropolis
Monday 5 November
Strand Arts Centre

Fritz Lang’s silent film is a classic of science fiction cinema, presenting a future world in which artificial intelligence is engaged to stifle the rebellious working classes. The movie is packed with iconic visuals and much homaged.

Following a screening of the uncut 1927 original, CinePunked’s Robert JE Simpson will lead an interactive discussion exploring the importance of Metropolis to Sci-fi cinema, with particular attention to the 2001 manga version by Osamu Tezuka, and Metropolis‘ reflection of this and other worlds.

CinePunked + Faith and Film : Of Gods and Monsters
Wednesday 7 November
EastSide Visitor Centre
7.30pm – 9pm

Drawing inspiration from C.S. Lewis’ anthology, Of This and Other Worlds, this event is a faith-based, film-focused discussion about creation and artificial intelligence within science fiction cinema, from Frankenstein to Ex Machina, Metropolis to 2001. Robert JE Simpson & Dr Rachael Kelly (CinePunked) and Neil Sedgwick (Film&Faith) explore the themes provoked, worlds of gods and monsters, the essence of life itself, and how they reflect (or rebut) Christian theologies and the notion of God-as-sole-creator. Audience participation encouraged.

Building Fantastic Worlds Writing Workshop with R.B. Kelly
Saturday 3 November
Skainos, 10.30am – 12.30pm
Age: 16+

Whether you’re writing about alien landscapes, dystopian futures, or anything in between, this workshop will look at how to bring your fantastic worlds to life and write science fiction settings that feel as real to your readers as they do to you.

Speculative Fiction Panel
Saturday 3 November
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Price: £6 / free to morning workshop participants
Age: 16+

Join novelists R.B. Kelly, Jo Zebedee and Jan Carson as they read from their work, discuss Science Fiction, Magic Realism, Fantasy and all manner of Speculative Fiction, talk about the process of writing non-realist fiction and wax lyrical about some of their favourite writers.

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