CinePunked presents Gaslight at Crescent Arts Centre Belfast 2 Feb 2019

Gaslight (v.) – To manipulate someone by psychological mehans into doubting their own sanity. (Source: Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton.)

The Oxford Dictionary has it as one of their words of 2018, from #metoo to #fakenews, the concept of gaslighting has never been more visible.

Join CinePunked for a screening on the film that gave the phenomenon its name: 1940’s chilling Gaslight, based on Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play.

Following the screening, CinePunked’s Robert JE Simpson and Dr Rachael Kelly along with writer and activist Liz Nelson will lead a discussion around gaslighting on screen and the modern context of a term.

Audience participation encouraged and it’s BYO. So bring along your tipple, sit back and relax, and enjoy the film and a chat!

As always, the panel is being recorded for a future CinePunked podcast.

Tickets are £10/£8 and can be booked via or on the door.

Still from Gaslight (1940)

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