CinePunked presents Burn All Books! – Live at Belfast Book Festival 2019

Fahrenheit 451 (Francois Truffaut, 1966)

CinePunked are delighted to be presenting a very special event as part of the 2019 Belfast Book Festival – one which you’ll be able to participate in wherever you are!

Join us for a heated panel discussion on censorship in literature and cinema, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel and the François Truffaut film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. Who is to say what we should and shouldn’t read?

Should we ban books?

Which books would you like to eradicate?

The panel includes CinePunked’s own Robert JE Simpson (editor, publisher) and R.B. Kelly (author, academic) plus Steven Rainey (BBC presenter and producer) and Neil Sedgewick (critic, Films & Faith).

Following the panel discussion we’ll be hosting a ceremonial book burning at Babel at Bullitt Hotel, Belfast. Ticket holders can bring along a book you’d like to see in the flames and join in the debate!*

The event takes place from 7.30pm on Wednesday 12 June 2019. Tickets are £10 (£8 concecession) and can be booked via:


Join in Worldwide

We’re planning on filming, photographing and podcasting from the event – with streaming being looked into as well. After the event a section of the website will be set up to hosting a record of the ceremony and people’s choices.

Not everyone can be in attendance however, and we’d like to encourage you to join in wherever you are in the world. You’re invited to purchase a distance participation ticket (£5) and send us the book of your choice, and we’ll add it to the flames too, and add your contribution to the Burn All Books section of the website.

You can purchase your tickets and get more information via:—cinepunked-belfast-book-festival—distance-participation



* All titles are to be pre-registered before the ceremony. We’ll contact you before via email to confirm. Sacred texts will not be permitted for the burning.

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