How to Survive the Outbreak (according to the movies) – online exclusive event

Tomorrow, 6 April 2020, sees CinePunked deliver an exclusive live-streaming event How to Survive the Outbreak (according to the movies) through partners Accidental Theatre.

The nation is in a state of panic, the stores are emptying, the future is uncertain and society is on the brink. Don’t let yourself be The Last Man On Earth, CinePunked are on hand to guide you through the outbreak and will share the secrets of survival – at least according to the movies.
Drawing on a rich cinematic history of pandemic and apocalyptic-fuelled films, viruses and zombies, the team take an irreverent look at the unfolding crisis through a cinematic lens. We’ll be predicting its path, advising on the appropriate armory and supplies, helping to keep you alive as society collapses.
CinePunked’s resident horror expert Robert JE Simpson, sci-fi novelist Dr Rachael Kelly, and entertainment guru and onetime Wildling, Ben Simpson will be joined by regular collaborator, broadcaster and cult film fan Steven Rainey.

* This event will go out live, without an audience.**
** That is assuming the movies didn’t get it wrong, and we’re all incapacitated.

Admission to the show will be via the Accidental Theatre website at

Performance: 6 April 2020, 7pm (UK time). Show starts 7.35pm UK (11.35am PT, 2.35pm ET)
Running time: 90 mins (approx)

No ticket is required, but a suggested £5 donation ticket can be purchased which will help support both organisations.
Tickets are available via:

CinePunked’s programme of events and workshops, as well as a number of yet-to-be-announced projects, have all been indefinitely postponed following the Covid-19 outbreak. Originally, CinePunked were to present a brand new show on offensive comedy as part of the Belfast Film Festival on 5th April. With the Film Festival cancelled, CinePunked sought to create something else that could still go ahead amid increasing uncertainty, and quickly found a project that would work with the flexibility and live-streaming sensibilities of Accidental.  The two groups have partnered previously on a Cinema Day presentation of Clerks and a live commentary recording for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

CinePunked’s Robert JE Simpson explains:
“Accidental’s willingness to experiment, and their growing expertise in live-streaming made them natural partners for the show. The event hasn’t been without its challenges, but we hope it will provide an entertaining diversion. Both Accidental and CinePunked depend on live events, and while the current situation has removed that income stream for us, we have used it as an opportunity to try out some new ideas.
“We’ve made the event free to view, but there’s an option to support us with a donation ticket – it helps offset some of our costs, and will help us continue to develop new projects.”


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