What is CinePunked?
It’s a fusion of scholarly and popular approaches to film criticism. We bring interactive conversation about film to live audiences. We hope to open up difficult films and subjects to wider audiences and share our love of the medium.
Our conversations are recorded for later release.
We launched (without a name) in 2015 with a special debate commemorating the Orson Welles centenary. Since then we’ve hosted a number of live panel discussions and launched a dedicated podcast in December 2017.

Who is CinePunked?CinePunked's panel on Harold and Maude for the Takeover Film Festival, 2015. L to r: Robert JE Simpson, Aaron Hunter, Rachael Kelly, Conor Smyth
CinePunked’s core members are film historian Robert J.E. Simpson, and writer Rachael Kelly We’re often joined by special guests for our panel events.
Our podcast producer, and tech support for live events is provided by Ben Simpson.

When is the next CinePunked event?
We’re hitting the road during winter 2018. Our next appearances are at the CS Lewis Festival in Belfast on 5th & 7th November.
Recordings of panels from our live events will be available soon via our Podcast.
In the meantime if you’d like us to come and host a panel in your town, cinema, school or other venue, drop us a line via Facebook or Twitter. CinePunked is based in but not restricted to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

To buy tickets for our Spring 2019 programme, click here.

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