CinePunked Short Spring 2019

In the style of our regular live events, each session in the CinePunked’s Short Spring season will be based around a short film and include analytical discussion and interactive audience-fuelled interactive debate in an intimate workshop setting.

Tickets cost £5 and sessions will take place at The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre, 215a Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 7EJ.

Numbers are strictly limited, pre-booking is strongly advised. Links to purchase for each session are below.

LaJetteePosterLa Jetée (1962)

Sunday 10 February, 2-4pm |

A prisoner of post-apocalyptic France is sent back in time to find the woman he remembers from the titular observation platform at Orly Airport, but can she help him avoid future catastrophe? Watch the haunting sci-fi short and join CinePunked for a discussion of the film’s themes, unique visual style, and its influence on modern cinema.


A Trip To The Moon (1902)

Sunday 24 February, 2-4pm |

Watch Professor Barbenfouillis’ magical adventures in Georges Méliès’ short film classic. Post-screening, CinePunked will host a discussion on the film’s pioneering narrative and special effects work, the singular cinematic vision of Méliès, and the enduring legacy of one of the most recognisable artefacts of the silent era.

nightandfogNight And Fog (1956)

Sunday 10 March, 2-4pm |

Switching between past and present, Alain Resnais’ chilling documentary looks at the horrors of Auschwitz, post-war liberation, and the difficult questions that followed. CinePunked discuss the film’s reception, its place in documentary filmmaking history, and its continuing relevance today.

steamboatSteamboat Willie (1928)

Sunday 24 March, 2-4pm | [Cancelled]

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, our workshop on Steamboat Willie has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to see you at a CinePunked event very soon!

Join Mickey Mouse, Pete, and a host of nascent Disney classics for a trip along the river in this epoch-making short cartoon. Love the Mouse or hate him, is there any character more instantly recognisable around the world? CinePunked will discuss legacy, icons of cinema, and 90 years of screen history.