A Quick Guide to Visual Style

The visual style of a film isn’t something that we understand innately – we do understand it without thinking about it, but we don’t usually understand that we understand it, because it’s developed to be largely invisible. But we learn to read it, just as we learn to read text; it’s just that, unlike learning to read text, we don’t notice ourselves becoming familiar with the messages woven through visual style… … More A Quick Guide to Visual Style

Podcast – Duck and Cover

CinePunked goes rummaging through the film archives via acclaimed Cold War documentary The Atomic Café, revealing a frightening concoction of propaganda, deception, delusion, and fear linked by America’s presentation of the perceived benefits and risks of the atomic bomb and a nuclear war. With memories of the cold war stirred up in 2022 by recent action in eastern Europe we find ourselves wondering if anything has really changed in the last eight decades… … More Podcast – Duck and Cover

Podcast – Iceberg – Dead Ahead

Marking the 110th anniversary of the Titanic disaster, the CinePunked team assemble to discuss the definitive screen version of the incident – Roy Ward Baker’s 1958 film A Night to Remember. Gathering just outside of Belfast, where the ship was built, Robert, Rachael and Neil consider the legacy of the night, Belfast’s relationship with the story, generational trauma and just what we’d do if faced with the same situation. … More Podcast – Iceberg – Dead Ahead