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From Attenborough to Zefirelli. From Deuce Bigalow to Kathryn Bigelow. From film noir to video nasties — we use film and popular culture to have the big conversations.

We podcast. We write books. We run live events. We send out a monthly newsletter. And there’s nothing we like better than a good conversation about film and popular culture.

Pictured: CinePunked’s core members – Dr Rachael Kelly, Robert JE Simpson, Ben Simpson and Neil Sedgewick.

Comprised of three film theorists and a music producer, with a retinue of collaborators from all walks of life, CinePunked believes that a deeper understanding of film, culture and the media is essential for navigating twenty-first century life. And we firmly believe that this shouldn’t be limited to academics.

CinePunked is the place where film fandom meets film theory. It’s a space for anyone who’s interested in understanding film and popular culture to find out more about the media that move them, to discuss and debate, and to have fun with your passion for popular culture.

We love film. We know film. We talk film. And we’d love to have you join in the discussion.

Latest Posts

Podcast – You Better Watch Out

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the CinePunked team casting their eyes over a festive film. This time out the 2010 Finnish horror/comedy Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. Fusing traditional tales of Santa Claus, with a sci-fi monster twist – the perfect antidote to the usual saccharine fare. With Robert JE Simpson and Dr Rachael Kelly.

A Quick Guide to Analysing Visual Style: Mise-en-scène

Mise-en-scène has the capacity to communicate vast amounts of information, very often without you noticing. In this third instalment of our series on visual style, we look at what we mean when we talk about mise-en-scène and the part it plays in the language of film.