Podcast – You Better Watch Out

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the CinePunked team casting their eyes over a festive film. This time out the 2010 Finnish horror/comedy Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. Fusing traditional tales of Santa Claus, with a sci-fi monster twist – the perfect antidote to the usual saccharine fare.

With Robert JE Simpson and Dr Rachael Kelly.

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Episode URL: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5VyexJHHgCfmT1BnjS601P

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CinePunked : You Better Watch Out

Dr Kelly has been at us to record a pod on Rare Exports for as long as we’ve been running, and with just the two of us gathering for this pod record, I felt it was the appropriate time to bow to the pressure. Listeners are well aware of our penchant for the surreal, subversive and sinister, and this ticks all the boxes.

At the time of recording, the film is available for subscribers on Amazon Prime in the UK, and on Tubi in the US, as well as the usual retailers and other streaming sources.

We recorded this episode remotely, as has become our standard practice (though Rachael and I have actually finally managed an in-person meeting for the first time since the pandemic began!). Unfortunately, presumably owing to a wifi issue, her sound is at times a little choppy – I hope it isn’t too distracting. This instalment also comes in at just over the half hour, so it should be a relatively quick listen while you prepare your Christmas lunch!

Since the last episode, we’ve changed our podcast host too. Whooshkaa, who we’ve been with for several years, got bought over by Spotify, and so we’ve shifted for now to Spotify’s own host – Anchor. Whether this does anything for our circulation, time will tell – but all the old subscription links should be updated.

The historic Whooshkaa players are still working presently, and so I’ve left them across the website, but from now on we’ll probably default to the Spotify player.

We’ve been away for quite a while, and yet 2022 proved our most consistent podcast year yet, with this being episode 16 of season 5, plus our contributions to the Never Seen It Film Club podcast – more on that elsewhere. Let us know what you’d like to see in 2023.


The CinePunked theme music is ‘Riding the Synth‘ – © 2020, Ben Blademan Simpson. Used with permission.

Episode recorded in Dundonald and Newtownards, Northern Ireland on 14 December 2022.

Engineered and edited by Robert JE Simpson. First published on 25 December 2022.


Rare Exports trailer

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