We don’t just talk, we write (and publish) as well. Here you’ll find a selection of articles written by the CinePunked team about the films we love and the films we don’t.

Augustan Propaganda By Any Other Name

Scholarly article about gender performance in contemporary screen representations of Cleopatra.


Gender and science-y science fiction in Cuarón’s sci-fi classic (yes, we’re calling it that). Review.


A swing-and-a-miss from a film with big ambitions. Gender, fetishisation and spoilers galore. Review.

Robot And Frank

If you haven’t seen it, you really should. The little robot with the big heart (that isn’t WALL-E). Review.

The Slacker is Gary (King)

The ascendancy of so-called “slacker masculinity” in the cross-film narrative arc of the Cornetto trilogy.

The World’s End

Glorious, abandoned genre-crossing that doesn’t quite manage to hit the lofty heights of its Cornetto predecessors. Review.

Why The Abrams Defence Doesn’t Work

Carol Marcus gets semi-naked for no real reason in Star Trek Into Darkness. Gender, hegemony and the gaze, mobilised in a counter-argument against Abrams’ defence of gratuitous almost-nudity.