Podcast – The Alex Cox Film School

The latest edition of the CinePunked podcast sees our Robert JE Simpson meeting up with cult filmmaker, broadcaster and author Alex Cox for a conversation about his book Alex Cox’s Introduction to Film: A Director’s Perspective. The informal chat weaves its way through academia and film studies, writing, fair use and of course, Moviedrome.

Sleeve notes are below.

With Robert JE Simpson and Alex Cox.
Produced by Robert JE Simpson

Find out more about Alex Cox via alexcoxfilms.wordpress.com

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We actually recorded this interview way back on 16 June 2016. Alex was in town as a guest of the Belfast Book Festival to promote his new book, published by Kamera. We popped along to listen to his lecture, and then met up back stage at the Crescent Arts Centre for the interview. This was recorded via the sketchy audio recorder on my old Sony Xperia XZ phone, and we’d never intended to sit on it as long as we have –  I’d originally intended just to transcribe it. Its sat in the podcast HDD for quite a while now, and I decided that while the audio isn’t as robust as some of our more recent shows (you just know Ben will be screaming at me for having not let him do a clean up on it), the content was worth issuing – we’ve a few interviews on file that suffer similarly, if listeners engage positively we’ll release more in the months ahead..
As a film studies student who was taught in a department where there was real tension between those who actually made films, and those who were theorists, Alex’s take was of great interest, as was the book he produced. We do talk about fair use as well – something we make use of here at CinePunked, but a legal grey area which isn’t understood by most, and I think its worth sharing that too.
I couldn’t help but ask about Moviedrome – it was a huge influence on my own early cinema appreciation, and for those above 35, there’s a good chance it will have been an influence on them too.
– Robert,

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