Podcast: Patient Zero

Tommy Wiseau’s original billboard for The Room. Photographer unknown.

Without a doubt, cult film The Room, has prompted some of the most divisive opinions yet among the CinePunked team. But rather than leave it there, we’ve recorded a special bonus episode to continue the discussion.

Via the phone from LA, we were delighted to be joined by actor, writer, and filmmaker Michael Rosselet (Five Second FilmsDude Bro Party Massacre III), regarded by most as the ‘patient zero’ of Room fandom. He shares with us his memories of the earliest screenings and the beginning of the cult fandom that has grown up around it.

We’re always striving to include expert opinions where possible, and authentic voices from and about the films we discuss, and its a thrill to be able to bring a first hand witness along as the first of our podcast guests.

Just a little note re the recording. Owing to some technical complications, the quality isn’t quite as clean as usual, but we hope that doesn’t mar your enjoyment.

Check out the episode here.

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