Valentine’s Love Witch podcast double bill – Anna Biller talks to CinePunked

CinePunked has dropped a special double bill of our podcast for Valentine’s week, now available via all your favourite podcast services.

To mark a day of lust and obsession we’ve turned to a film that has united the team in admiration – Anna Biller’s 2016 film The Love Witch. Produced independently, the film carries the aesthetic of something from the 60s or 70s exploitation cinema, has been hailed as an exemplar of feminist filmmaking, and makes a strong case for the auteur.

If you’ve not seen it, Elaine (Samantha Robinson) is a witch, recently singled, in search of love with the aid of magical potions and spells, with fatal consequences.

Robert, Rachael and Ben discuss the film and Biller’s work. Listen here:

Next up is an exclusive interview with director Anna Biller herself. Anna was in conversation with Robert via phone from LA, and during the chat discusses her work and outlook frankly. It’s a fascinating insight into the business, and the realities and complexities of female representation in cinema both in front of and behind the camera.

We teased some of the interview at our Art Vs Artist event last year (available as a separate podcast here) and Anna’s contribution became an important voice during the panel.

Listen to the interview here:

It’s worth noting that both these episodes were recorded early in 2018 but owing to various reasons ended up being held back. There’s some drop out during the interview owing to issues with the international line, but hopefully it won’t mar your experience.

We’re planning more interviews and guests for 2019. We’d love to hear your feedback on any of the episodes or live events we’ve done and what you’d like from us in future – you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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