Podcast – Daddy, Would You Like Some Sausages?

Hugely quotable. Undeniably offensive. For some it’s a work of surrealist genius. For others it’s one of the worst films ever made. CinePunked take a trip to the bizarre world of Tom Green’s Freddy Got Fingered, via Chaplin and the nouvelle vague.

Sleeve notes are below.

With Robert JE Simpson, Dr Rachael Kelly and Ben Simpson.
Produced by Ben Simpson

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Left to right: Robert, Ben and Rachael post-recording of ‘Daddy Would You Like Some Sausages?’

At CinePunked we try to blend popular and scholarly approaches to film, and never has that been more evident than this episode.

Freddy Got Fingered was the film that derailed Tom Green’s promising comedy career. In spite of a cult following, it threw audiences and movie execs. We’ve been joking that we were going to get Rachael back for making us sit through The Room, and according to her, this is that long-awaited revenge.

This was Ben’s pick for the show. He’s often fairly quiet – the member of the group without a film qualification, but he’s also our voice of the people when we’re in studio, and Freddy proved surprisingly fertile ground.

We took the makeshift studio into the front room of Ben’s and my parents’ house (where Ben first encountered the film many year ago) and set about a long overdue reunion. If you’ve listened to the last few episodes you’ll have noticed a variance in audio quality – but with Ben once again engineering, I have to say, this sounds excellent.

We had some intermittent interference from one of the mics, resulting in a little clipping during the opening ten minutes, but aside from the stoppages to fix that (which if I’ve done my job properly won’t be evident) this was recorded ‘as live’. We tested a livestream for this one too – a few people have asked us, and we will be livestreaming select episodes and events in the near future.

Content wise there’s a bit more swearing than usual (we’ve got an explicit rating, so we have to use it every so often) and we run the gamut from gonads to Godard.

Recorded in Newtownards on 16 August 2019. Engineered and mixed by Ben using his portable studio. Final edit by me and uploaded on 19 August.

We’ll let you judge if this really is a revenge pod, or a celebration of something brilliant.


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