Podcast – Blessed are the Cheesemakers

CinePunked celebrates Easter with Monty Python’s Life of Brian – exploring the controversial film, its connections to the historical epic, and what it means to be Pythonesque.

Sleeve notes are below.

With Robert JE Simpson, Dr Rachael Kelly, Ben Simpson
Produced by Ben Simpson

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It was never the intention as we started 2020 to feature Monty Python alumni quite so heavily as we have – but we don’t regret it. We have a more ambitious Python-related piece we’re hoping to do, but the global Covid19 pandemic has probably nixed that for the year.

With Easter coming up, we thought we’d have a look at Python’s crucifixion with controversial comedy classic The Life of Brian.

We sat for a mammoth four episode back to back record, which teased out a number of themes across the four episodes. Rachael brings her background in historical epics to this and we lean that historical and Biblical epics aren’t the same thing. There’s some chat around British comedy, and the controversy that exists around the film.

There’s an interesting discussion of what Pythonesque actually is – a term which is bandied around fairly loosely to describe certain kinds of comedy.

Recorded in studio at Comber, Northern Ireland on 15 March 2020.
Engineered and mixed by Ben Simpson in studio, April 2020. Final edit by Robert and first published on 11 April 2020.


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