Podcast: We Didn’t Burn Him!

With the May Day bank holiday this week the CinePunked team have been back in the studio, sharing their thoughts on that most iconic of May Day films, The Wicker Man.

Its been a couple of months since we last published a podcast but we’ve been busy with a series of live events, and recording some new shows. You’ll be able to download and stream these in the coming weeks.

This week we’re hosting a live event based around Hot Fuzz, and when Robert realised Rachael had never seen Robin Hardy’s 1972 classic The Wicker Man, it fast-tracked its way to the top of the viewing pile. There are many connections between the two films, although we barely scrape the surface in our chat this week. Ben took a bit of a back seat in this one, but he’s provided us a neat little bit of music at the top of the show that more than makes up for it.

As ever we’re interested in your take too, and we’d encourage you to drop a line via Facebook or Twitter and keep the conversation going. Don’t forget to subscribe via your chosen podcast provider, and please leave us a review on iTunes if you’ve enjoyed the show.

We’ll be posting a couple of related articles too, so keep your eye on the site for more information.

Check out our May Day episode here.


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