Podcast: Art vs Artist

Earlier this year we took CinePunked to the Belfast Film Festival for a talk on the theme of Art vs Artist. This was our response to the growing #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns on social media. An attempt to address an increasingly difficult area for film goers – that of whether a film’s merit is changed when those involved have been accused of inappropriate behaviour in their personal lives.

It was a difficult conversation at times, but one that we were keen to get before an audience. The episode includes guest speaker Liz Nelson from the Belfast Feminist Network, and in an extract from her upcoming interview episode, filmmaker Anna Biller.

The episode is presented largely unedited, including the bulk of the audience Q&A that followed, with a few minor edits for legal and sound quality reasons. Evidently there’s a desire to talk about the subject, and we’ll be returning to it in upcoming shows. We’re also interested in continuing the discussion elsewhere, so if you’d like us to talk on the theme at your event, get in touch!

Listen to the episode here.

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