Podcast – Knock On No Doors

Richard Elfman is a filmmaker, musician, writer, surrealist. His 1980 film Forbidden Zone has gained a cult following for its bizarre plotting, outlandish characters and breaking of stereotypes. Four decades on and a sequel is in pre-production, hot on the heels of Richard’s new film (due out later in 2019), the equally bizarre Hipsters, Gangsters, Aliens and Geeks.

Robert met up with Richard at his home in Hollywood for an informal chat about Richard’s work earlier this year. During a candid conversation, fuelled by fine cigars and whiskey (or was it whisky?) they talk about life on the fringes of Hollywood, working with family, the highs and lows of the industry, Forbidden Zone, Ireland and Hollywood history.

WARNING: Listener discretion is advised. Some of the language used may cause offence. We have elected not to edit out any of the content so as to present the conversation as frankly as possible.

With Robert JE Simpson and Richard Elfman.
Produced by Robert JE Simpson

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